Clock Repairs Specialist

In the heart of Glasgow, there lies a treasure trove for those who cherish the timeless elegance of classic and modern clocks alike - Tevendales. Renowned for meticulous craftsmanship and an unparalleled dedication to detail, this specialist workshop is where time-honored tradition meets the pinnacle of clock repair and restoration techniques.

Clocks, with their intricate mechanisms and historical significance, are more than just devices to tell time. They are heirlooms, pieces of art, and sometimes, silent witnesses to history. Understanding this, Tevendales’s team approaches each clock with the reverence it deserves, ensuring that every gear, every spring, and every face is treated with utmost care.

Clock repair is a meticulous process that often involves several detailed steps to bring these timeless pieces back to their original glory. This process usually starts with a thorough assessment to identify any wear or damage to the clock's mechanism. Cleaning is a critical next step, with each component often requiring individual attention to remove years of accumulated grime without causing harm. Replacement or restoration of worn or broken parts is done with precision, ensuring that each gear and spring functions smoothly. The final stages involve reassembling the clock, lubrication of the mechanism for optimal performance, and calibration to ensure accurate timekeeping.

Whether it’s a majestic grandfather clock that has lost its chime, a delicate mantel clock that no longer keeps time, or a modern timepiece that needs a touch of expertise, Tevendales offers comprehensive solutions. Their services encompass everything from routine maintenance to complete overhauls, guaranteeing that each clock not only works perfectly but also retains its aesthetic and historical value.


Clock Repairs Specialist


Established family business with over 50 years experience.


We specialise in repair to all old, new or antique watches and clocks in any condition.

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