Gold & Silver Purchased

Are you looking for a gold buyer in Glasgow who will give fair valuations to your most prized possessions? We pay market rates for all of your unwanted, old, new, or broken items.

Gold is still one of the most valuable metals today. The value of currencies varies, but the price of this precious metal continues to rise. Gold is one of the finest investments you can make, and Tevendale & Co understands that. We guarantee accurate pricing on scrap gold and broken jewellery. Our gold prices are set according to London's Gold Fix to ensure a completely accurate price per gram system.

We make purchasing simple, safe, and secure. We don't use obscure phrases or conditions nor employ marketing ploys with hidden costs. The price we quote is the price you pay; there are no additional fees. There are no restrictions on the amount or condition of goods you send our way. If you're sending broken jewellery from outside the UK, we will be in touch as soon as we receive your package.

We offer no gimmicks just fast, easy, secure, and honest services. You get your cash without any delays. We understand that it can also be unpleasant having to part with pre-loved jewellery items so we make it as painless and as rewarding as possible for our clients. 

We purchase gold and silver in many forms and can help you turn old items into new cash.


Gold & Silver


Established family business with over 50 years experience.


We specialise in repair to all old, new or antique watches and clocks in any condition.

Competitive Prices

All our products and services are reasonably priced.



First class service and repair on my Rolex

Excellent service restoring a family heirloom. The team have completely transformed a gold wrist watch. It works again after years of neglect and looks fantastic. Team very approachable and helpful with queries and assessment and overall a really reasonable price. Would definitely use them again.