Cuckoo Clock Repairs

Cuckoo clock repairs are a delicate matter, requiring a blend of skilled craftsmanship and an understanding of intricate clockwork mechanics. At Tevendales, we pride ourselves on restoring the rhythmic life to your cherished timepieces with professional cuckoo clock repair services. Our horologists are experienced in working with these traditional clocks, which often have been passed down through generations and carry sentimental value.

A typical cuckoo clock consists of many moving parts, including the bellows and pipes that create the cuckoo’s call, the gears, and the escapement. Wear and tear over time can lead to degradation of these parts, affecting the clock's performance. Some common issues with these clocks are the cuckoo's failure to emerge or sound correctly, the pendulum ceasing to swing, and general timekeeping inaccuracies.

The repair process begins with a thorough assessment. Our experts meticulously examine each component, identifying any signs of damage or wear. Proper cleaning is crucial, as dust and old oil can cause the mechanics to seize over time. Once cleaned, every part is inspected for potential problems, and any worn or broken components are repaired or replaced.

When the repair is complete, we perform extensive testing to guarantee that every part of the cuckoo clock is in impeccable working order. Only after the clock has proved consistent and reliable does it return to the customer. With Tevendales, your cuckoo clock is treated with the care and respect it deserves, ensuring that it will continue to mark the passage of time with precision and charm.


Cuckoo Clock Repairs


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