Grandfather Clock Repairs

Grandfather clocks, with their sonorous chimes and stately presence, are more than just time-keeping devices; they stand as legacies within our homes. The intricate mechanisms that power these traditional pieces are a testament to the artistry of horology. At Tevendales, we recognize the importance of these heirlooms and offer specialized grandfather clock repair services to preserve their legacy for future generations.

When it comes to repairing grandfather clocks, expertise and precision are paramount. Over time, the internal mechanics can deteriorate or fall out of alignment, causing the clock to lose time or stop entirely. The issues might range from simple wear and tear to more complex problems such as damaged chime rods or a broken escapement.

Our process starts with a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint the specific issues with the clock. We then take painstaking care in dismantling the movements, cleaning each component to remove the buildup of grime and old lubricants. Rigorous attention is paid to parts that are often the sources of trouble, such as the weights and chains, the pendulum, and the clock's hands.

Using specialized tools, we restore or replace any damaged elements. Our horologists have an extensive library of parts and the capability to fabricate components on-site, ensuring that every piece of the clock is tailored for optimal performance.

By entrusting your grandfather clock to Tevendales, you ensure that every tick and tock resonates with history and quality, just as it was intended by its makers. If the chime of your cherished grandfather clock has fallen silent, let us at Tevendales restore its rhythm and ensure that it keeps marking the moments for many years to come.


Grandfather Clock Repairs


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