2nd Hand Watches for Sale

As well as repairing watches, we also have 2nd hand watches for sale in our store.

Our well-trained and highly experienced watch-making experts have restored and maintained the timepieces we have acquired, ensuring that they are in excellent condition. You'll get the best value for money if you buy any of our secondhand timepieces on sale. Today's watches and rare gems may be yours for a fraction of their original market.

Second hand watches can be just as much of an investment as new ones at a much lower price point.  But getting the right one isn't always easy and that's where working with an expert in fine watches is important.  We can help you find the perfect timepiece to fit your budget and style.

And if you have a watch you want to sell, we can also ensure you get the best price for it without all of the back and forth of using an online seller.  Plus you get your money a lot quicker and with less of the delays for sending items to a seller and waiting for an appraisal through the post!

Stop by our store today or contact us a call for more information on our secondhand watches for sale




2nd Hand Watches for Sale


Established family business with over 50 years experience.


We specialise in repair to all old, new or antique watches and clocks in any condition.

Competitive Prices

All our products and services are reasonably priced.



First class service and repair on my Rolex

Excellent service restoring a family heirloom. The team have completely transformed a gold wrist watch. It works again after years of neglect and looks fantastic. Team very approachable and helpful with queries and assessment and overall a really reasonable price. Would definitely use them again.